Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Linda Severn

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4190 Bonita Road, Ste 106  Bonita, CA 91902

Office hours: Monday thru Thursday 9am - 7pm

619-919-6366 (text or call)

I am a State Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist, insured through ABMP. 

I believe that it all comes down to Balance, and it is my specialty in helping people find theirs.  Whether it's balancing a pregnant woman's pelvis to relieve her pain, or releasing tension in muscles to avoid future injury.  Lymphatic massage to help relieve swollen areas or stretching the occipital ridge tendons to alleviate migraines.


Pain is Universal.  It's the best way our bodies have to communicate with us when something needs our attention, and I am a great listener :)


I specialize in Therapeutic massage, what I call "AIO Method".  It's a combination of multiple forms, and was developed while working on BUDS students every weekend in Point Loma, and every other walk of life during the week.


I also have a decade of experience in Pregnancy/Pre-Natal, Shiatsu, Sports, Swedish, Lymphatic and Cupping.

*CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council) ~ Cert#56
*BCTMB (Board Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)

Massage (all trained modalities)

Those include: AIO Method, Swedish, Pre-natal/Pregnancy, Lymphatic, Sports, Deep tissue, Therapeutic-Deep, and PTSD

25 minutes    - $40 (*$30)
50 minutes    - $80 (*$60)
80 minutes    - $120 (*$90)
110 minutes  - $160 (*$120)

Packages available:
3/50 minute sessions for $165 
5/50 minute sessions for $250

* 25% discount given to expectant mothers and to those who serve the community & their family members. 
(Example: Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers, Civil Servants, Nurses, etc.)


Cupping as a tool to assist in healing has been around for over three thousand years.  I use the more modern method (as seen in the picture above) with suction cups instead of the traditional method of "fire cupping" because the suction cups are highly effective and I don't have to use a flame.


I have been utilizing Aromatherapy as part of my sessions for over a decade.  Science does not dispute the effect that scents can activate different parts of our brain, and with F-MRI technology, we are able to watch the brain react in real-time to different smells.

Whether or not the scientific community has come to a consensus on the effectiveness of Aromatherapy, my clients have stated that they enjoy it, so I will continue offering it :)