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I have been told by almost all of my pregnant clients that it is difficult to find Massage Therapists that will massage a pregnant woman, and every time I hear it, I am totally puzzled.

I have been trained in and have done massage on hundreds of expectant Mothers. There have been studies done at the University of Miami as well as other academic institutions that massage while pregnant is not only safe, but highly beneficial to both the Mother and the little one inside.

I "sideline" my pregnant clients, where they are on their side for half of the massage, and then turn over for the other half, with pillows between knees and against the chest for comfort. 

Pre-natal massage can assist in easing lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain/tightness, headaches, swelling in the limbs and overall creates serotonin in the brain which helps fight off stress and bolsters the immune system.

I do advise all of my pregnant clients to get the green light from their doctor/midwife before getting their first massage, as there are a few serious conditions where massage would not be advisable.

I have provided a link below that talks more about massage during pregnancy and the benefits that it can provide.

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